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Land Use Consulting Inc is revolutionizing the permit expediting industry.

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Land Use Consulting has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is completely knowledgeable of codes and procedures to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary permits to complete your projects, saving you timemoney and unnecessary aggravation.

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  • Legalization of existing structures
  • Additions to your house (expansions, renovations,conversions …)
  • Deconversion of units (multiple to single)
  • Permit consulting/Property assesment
  • Building code and Zoning research
  • Land divisions
  • Will attend municipal hearings concerning zoning and planning
  • Removal of open Violations

We offer complete permit and drafting services for all of Suffolk County.  Whether you need a one time permit or assistance in an ongoing project, we provide professional services at competitive prices.

Our Services

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Research Services

Building Code Analysis

Whether you need an Existing Building Code Analysis or one for planned construction, Land Use Consulting will handle the process from inception to completion in a timely and proficient manner. If you’re adding a shed or building a complex, the same attention to detail will be afforded all clients.

Zoning And Land Use

Land Use Consulting has been in business for 15 years. During that time we have come across numerous projects involving zoning and land use. With all of this experience, we still treat each research inquiry as unique and give it a full analysis

Location Analysis

They say that the three most important considerations in business is location, location, location. So if you’re starting a new business venture, moving your business to a new site or adding a satellite office, contact an experienced professional at Land Use Consulting so that the due diligence gets done properly.

Architectural Review

We at Land Use Consulting have been interacting with the local Architectural Review Boards on Long Island for many years. We will submit an application on your behalf and attend the Board meeting if necessary.

Permit Services

Zoning Services

Do you know if your home or business alteration complies with local Zoning regulations. If not, you’ll have to acquire a zoning variance. This process includes applications, fees, notice to adjoining properties and attendance at a Zoning Board of Appeals hearing.

Special Use Permit

Special Use Permits are typically required for businesses that need special review because of their potential to significantly affect their neighbors. Besides applying for the building permit, you may also be required to appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals

Multi-family Use

The number of multi-family homes on Long Island have been growing for some years now and the town and village laws pertaining to them vary greatly. Before you begin planning construction for a multi-family dwelling contact Land Use Consulting to determine a clear path for the success of your project.

Garage Conversion

Converting your garage can be a quick and affordable way to add living space to your home. A well planned garage conversion can create new rooms that blend in well with the existing house.

Fences/Retaining Walls

Knowing how high your fence or retaining wall can stand is something that varies from town to town. There are also ordinances regulating which materials you can use in the construction of retaining walls.

Building Permits

Did you know that putting up a fence or widening your stoop might completely stall the sale of your home or business structure? Do you want assurance that your redevelopment is in accord with zoning ordinance regulation? For fast and professional legalization of all existing structures contact Traci, CEO of Land Use Consulting.

Demolition Services

When demolishing a building, the company in charge may apply for the Demolition Permit on your behalf. But it is still your responsibility to make sure the permit was approved. You may also want to know if any of the neighbors contested the application. Staying on good terms with your neighbors is a wise practice.

Deck Permits

Most of us know someone whose home sale was stalled by not having a proper permit for their backyard deck. Don’t let this happen to you. If you are planning a deck or already have one and you’re not sure it’s legal, call Land Use Consulting and we’ll help sort it all out quickly and reasonably.

Other Services

Site Surveys And Plans

he goal of the site survey is to evaluate current site conditions. Surveys offer valuable information, such as measurements, easements, local zoning and current site conditions. Let Land Use Consulting handle your survey and have a licensed architect produce a site plan for your builder or contractor.

Municipal Licenses

Land Use Consulting handles State filings and attendance at D.E.C. Compliance hearings as well as Historic and Planning Board meetings. We can also assist you in any Board of Health applications needed for the legal operation of your business. Don’t wait until the last minute, contact us now.

Board Hearings And Fillings

Land Use Consulting handles State filings and attendance at D.E.C. Compliance hearings as well as Historic and Planning Board meetings. We can also assist you in any Board of Health applications needed for the legal operation of your business. Don’t wait until the last minute, contact us now.

Traci Rivera, CEO & Founder.

Traci is a chartered professional with 30+ years of experience in codes and procedures to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary permits to complete your projects, saving you time, money and unnecessary aggravation.

Traci is amazing! She assisted me in all facets of my commercial project, she saved me an incredible amount of time and money. You owe it to yourself to call Traci and her team if you have any type of commercial project, she can assist with permitting, approvals, even due diligence and feasibility.

Traci is the best! She can help you with any permits or information for a project. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional and has been helping me and my business for years.

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